T&G 2015


Photo Courtesy of Heather Mong

Well, it was a wet one. But a good one.

We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather for the past five years, so there was inevitably going to be a year where it wasn’t quite so cooperative. This was perhaps the year.

However, racers turned up, braved the elements, broke records (way to go kids!), and came through the finish line with smiles on their faces. Under a think blanket of mud.

This year however, the hugest thanks has to go to our volunteers. Who stoically remained at their posts for hours on end. WE CAN’T THANK THEM ENOUGH. They make Tears & Gears what it is.

Also huge thanks to our sponsors, for all the amazing prizes again this year. They are fantastic and really support our race year after year.

Raven Eye Photography were out on course, capturing racers in action, check out their album and buy yourself a muddy memory here.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for……results.


Blue denotes fastest run and bike of the day. Yellow shows new CR.

Nice work all, and we’ll see you at T&G: Winter Wheezer, details and exciting news to be announced in coming weeks…