Our 2017 Routes are new, and back to our roots, with the whole race taking place on the fast and flowy Ridgemont Trails…


From the Aquatic Centre take the Trans Canada Trail round to Ridgemont Road, up the road, then onto and up Splitting Bears, right round to the Kid’s Stuff Loop. From there take Eric’s Connector, down Eric’s Trail and down Vortex. Then head up Scary Trail, Cemetery Bypass Extension and What’s Up Doc. Heading down towards home via Kiddie Up and Cemetery Bypass. Back to the Aquatic Centre.

DISTANCE: ~12km STRAVA: Route to follow!


From the Aquatic Centre, head out and up Sidewinder. From there take Broken Derailleur up to R-Trail. Then it’s all the Kushes, round to Coal Discovery Trail back to the Aquatic Centre.


STRAVA: Route to follow!



Start 2014YOUTH RACE

Ensuring the best start line of the day, and catering to 8+, it’s a fun, manageable loop which can be tackled as a soloist, or on a team.

DISTANCE: 5km Run and 5km Bike – same loop for both.

ROUTE: From the Aquatic Centre, take the trail left behind the Bike Park and a right on the path up to the Silver Ridge development. Follow the road alongside the Cemetery. Continue onto the gravel road through the Cemetery, past the gate and around the old water reservoir. Take a left, and then continue until you reach Kiddie Up. Climb this fun trail to the top, then turn right onto What’s Up Doc downhill. Take a left near the bottom onto Cemetery Bypass Extension, and then onto Cemetery Bypass. Once on the road, turn left towards the old dump, and take a right to connect to the Heritage Trail which you will take back to the Bike Park and Aquatic Centre.


If you’re 12+ and want to tackle the Classic Course as a team, you’re more than welcome – adults beware!